The Countdown for the 2019 Global Game Jam Begins

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What is the Global Game Jam?

If you haven't heard of The Global Game Jam the worlds largest game jam than you must be living in a different universe. This event has been bringing game development talent together since 2008. Since then over 108 countries have been participating in the international event. During a 48 hour period, these countries develop 8,000 plus games.

The event has grown so much so that it has caught the eye of high profile companies such as Unreal Engine, Mixer, Facebook, Game Maker Studio, Red Bull, Warner Brothers Games, Oculus and so many more.

Professional Opportunity

For new or veteran developers this is an event that can seriously give game devs an upper hand. These sponsors aren't just there to offer support but they are also there to head hunt and find their next employee of the year.

For those looking to increase their talents as well help build their portfolio The Global Game Jam should be on top of you your list. For further information or where to attend the 2019 Global Game Jam (Jan 25-27) in your country click here.

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