Explore the Land of the Dead in New Valheim Biome

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Fans of the Norse-inspired survival game Valheim have a new biome to explore in 2023, Iron Gate confirmed in their most recent development update. Although most players are still enjoying the novelty of the recently released Mistlands biome, everyone is eager to find out even more about Ashlands.

In case you don't know, Valheim is an open-world survival game featuring procedurally-generated worlds. These large worlds contain multiple diverse biomes, each of which features its own unique enemies, resources, and attributes. The upcoming biome, Ashlands, will take players into a new world with a volcanic theme.

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A World of Fire and Ash

In Valheim, each biome has a unique theme, like swamps, mountains, meadows, or the Black Forest. As for the Ashlands, it will be an ash-covered world teeming with volcanic activity and undead creatures. Although the new biome is still in development, Iron Gate has released some awesome concept art of new enemies that players will have to face. There are The Charred, who appear to be burnt skeletons with multiple skulls and several intimidating weapons. Then there is the Morgen, who looks to be a creature taken right out of a nightmare and dropped into the world of Valheim. The Morgen has four crab-like legs, rows of jagged teeth, and a body covered in sinewy, rippling muscle. With fearsome new foes like these and several others, the Ashlands biome will pose a formidable challenge.

Credit: Iron Gate

What Do We Know About the Ashlands?

Iron Gate has not revealed many details about what the Ashlands biome will offer. However, the developers gave us a few tidbits with the announcement of the new update. For one, we know that the Ashlands biome will be a barren wasteland located to the south of every map in Valheim. The biome will also contain a glowing metal, which players can mine using an iron pickaxe to produce Flametal ore. Gathering and utilizing resources is one of the main aspects of Valheim. So, while the Ashlands promises to be a seemingly desolate place, there will still be plenty of treasures to be found and collected.

Finally, we have confirmation that aggressive creatures called Surtlings will inhabit the Ashlands biome. These troublesome monsters will likely found near geysers of fire scattered throughout the biome. Surtlings are essentially flaming imps. They aren't the strongest creatures, but that does not mean they won't cause problems for unsuspecting explorers.

Credit: Iron Gate

Lots More on the Way

Although Valheim is technically still in early access, the game continues to receive lots of love from its busy developers. The info provided in the initial announcment of the new Ashlands biome merely scratches the surface of what's coming and is just one of many significant updates on the horizon. Some of the other content Valheim players can look forward to includes new difficulty settings, new clothes for their characters, and a new project called Hildir’s Quest. In its first two years, the open-world survival game has received universal praise, and continues to grow and improve.