5 Funny Games to Play in 2022

Any gamer looking for a laugh should check out these hilarious PC games!

5 Funny Games to Play in 2022

These 5 PC Games That Will Give You a Good Laugh

Video games provide us with a wide variety of emotions and reactions. A good horror game will terrify you, a decent action game will excite you, and a challenging puzzle game will stimulate you intellectually. This diversity is one of the many things that makes gaming so wonderful. Sometimes, though, you simply need a good laugh. While humor isn't necessarily the first thing people associate with video games, there are most definitely games capable of making you LOL. Here, we'll show you five games available for PC that will surely put a smile on your face and give you a few laughs (or more).

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  1. Poop Killer 4
  2. Crab Game
  3. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
  4. Cult of the Lamb
  5. Goose Goose Duck

1. Poop Killer 4

Developer: 616 Games
Platforms: PC (Windows)

Poop Killer 4 \ 616 Games

All it takes is one look at this game's title to know that it's probably pretty silly, and it definitely doesn't disappoint on that front. Developed by 616 Games, Poop Killer 4 is the latest addition to the franchise inspired by the many trashy horror movies of the 1980s. The game follows the story of Billy, a local sex shop owner. The game starts with the mundane day-to-day tasks of interacting with customers and selling them various suggestive items. But when one of those customers clogs the store's toilet, all hell breaks loose. Suddenly, Billy has to deal with the dreaded Poop Killer, a serial killer with a flaming toilet for a head. This indie horror game is ridiculous, nostalgic, and packed to the brim with lowbrow humor, and it's most definitely good for a handful of chuckles throughout its short runtime.

2. Crab Game

Developer: Dani
Platforms: PC (Windows, macOS, and Linux)

Crab Game | Dani

If you're a fan of lighthearted blood and gore and the Netflix series Squid Game, Crab Game is perfect for you. Developed and published by Dani, Crab Game is a multiplayer game where you face off with other players in various minigames. The mini games take inspiration from classic children's playground games, but there's a twist: These games are fights to the death. Each round of minigames can start with up to 35 players, but only one player will be left standing, and that player will receive a virtual cash prize. The graphics are simple, the violence is irreverent, and the activities are fun and prone to getting very competitive in the funniest ways possible. Crab Game will most certainly put a grin on your face while you play rounds of Hide and Seek or The Floor Is Lava to the death.

3. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS)

Developer: Landfall
Platforms: PC (Windows and macOS), Xbox Seris X|S, Xbox One, with a Nintendo Switch and PlayStation version arriving in 2022

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) | Landfall

Have you ever wanted to send waves and waves of armies into battle for no purpose other than your own amusement? If the answer is yes, you'll absolutely love Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS). Developed by Landfall, this wildly entertaining physics-based strategy game allows you to lead huge numbers of NPCs, known as the wobblers, against each other in combat. Your armies, which you can send into battle in several unique settings, consist of many diverse wobblers, including plenty of silly units. The ridiculousness of the wobblers combined with the game's hilarious combat mechanics makes for a unique and wonderful gameplay experience. It's up to you if you want to pit your armies against simulations or face off with your friends while you laugh hysterically together.

4. Cult of the Lamb

Developer: Massive Monster
Platforms: PC (Windows and macOS), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S

Cult of the Lamb | MassiveMonster

Creating your own cult in real life is a little crazy, so if your curious what being a cult leader is like, play Cult of the Lamb instead. That way, you can enjoy all the fun parts of running a cult—going on crusades, building a following, performing dark rituals, etc.—but without any real-life risk or responsibility! Developed by MassiveMonster, Cult of the Lamb allows you to take on the role of a possessed lamb and recruit a loyal following of worshippers. Despite the game's dark and eerie subject matter, it features adorable cartoon characters, which really makes for a strange and hilarious experience. Not only will this roguelike action game make you laugh, it will also have you absolutely hooked on building and maintaining your cult. Make sure you set aside at least a few hours at a time to play this one.

5. Goose Goose Duck

Developer: Gaggle Studios, Inc.
Platforms: PC (Windows and macOS), Android, and iOS

Goose Goose Duck | Gaggle Studios, Inc.

Goose Goose Duck is basically a free Among Us but with adorable waterfowl. In this unique multiplayer social deduction game Developed by Gaggle Studios, Inc., you must work with your fellow geese to complete missions. However, there is a catch: Malicious mallards have infiltrated your ranks, and they'll do whatever they can to thwart your plans. In this intense, hilarious game, you'll take on various in-game roles and tackle a number of maps and game modes, but you must always be on the lookout for the duck spies within your group. There are also loads of funny cosmetic options to personalize your goose, which add to the game's corkiness. Goose Goose Duck is the perfect game to play when you want to have some quick fun and a few laughs with a group of friends.

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Very few people would answer "funny games" if you asked them their favorite genre of video games. However, whether you're into action games, horror games, RPGs, or any other style, you still need a good laugh now and then. Whenever you're in the mood for silly, lighthearted fun, any of these funny PC games will be a fantastic option. You might start playing while you're in a bad mood, but you'll most certainly be smiling when you're finished.