5 Games Every Lost Ark Fan Should Play

Here are five games every MMO fan should check out before the 2022 release of Lost Ark.

5 Games Every Lost Ark Fan Should Play

Lost Ark is an MMO that came out in South Korea in 2018. This game had tremendous success overseas, and it is now on its way to North America thanks to Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games.

Some gamers had access to the closed beta of Lost Ark that opened from November 4 until November 11. Many who had the chance to play highlighted the game's quests, co-op modes, and dungeons.

If you are eagerly waiting for the early 2022 release of the free-to-play MMORPG, here are five games every Lost Ark fan should play.

1. Final Fantasy XIV Online


Final Fantasy XIV Online is an MMO, just like Lost Ark. It also plays like an RPG, giving you an in-depth perspective of the characters you control. Do note, however, that only the latter offers you customization options for your character and game. Many long-term players of Final Fantasy XIV Online are okay with the lack of personalization, however. The game still has the feel of choices.

When you play Final Fantasy XIV Online, you will quickly realize that every quest you engage in has a point. Even the most mundane of tasks have something to do with the greater narrative of the game. Your character will change with the plot, making it truly an immersive experience.

Most gamers immediately talk about the job system in the Final Fantasy franchise. With this feature, you can give each of the members of your party a different task. These contain the combat types, ranging from tank to healer, for instance. You can also switch your job role as a situation allows.

The newest expansion in Final Fantasy XIV Online is Shadowbringers. You will go to the world of Norvrandt, where you have to fight monsters that spawn with the light. The end goal of this DLC is to become the Warrior of Darkness of the land of Eulmore. But fans have marked their calendars this month to welcome a new DLC and one of the biggest releases of November - Endwalker.

2. New World


New World is another MMO made by Amazon Games, the same development company behind Lost Ark. Lost Ark does focus on a deeper story, according to many gamers, however. New World also has simpler graphics than Lost Ark. You may not feel as excited walking through a dungeon as you would in the newer video game.

In New World, you will play as a shipwrecked adventurer. You land on the island of Aeternum, where you will encounter a variety of ruins and landmarks. You will learn about the supernatural powers you have as the game continues, and there are a variety of weapons for you to consider.

New World is an open world, giving you the ability to explore as you want to. You never know where you will encounter a battle or danger. The options include PvE and PvP fights. Be sure that you learn how to craft your weapons and armor to be the strongest possible.

New World was a game that some individuals complained about due to server issues. Thankfully, Amazon Games has continuously released bug updates. In the latest, for instance, developers got rid of duplicate items. They also redistributed coins and enhanced the conflict bars.

3. World of Warcraft


You probably know about World of Warcraft if you have even the slightest interest in video games. Both Lost Ark and World of Warcraft have a keen focus on combat and dungeon exploration. Some even say that the former is a modern option for World of Warcraft fans.

World of Warcraft came out in 2004, four years after the third Warcraft game. It follows the tensions that exist between the Alliance and the Horde. The Forsaken, including orcs and trolls, for instance, join the Horde in this video game. The Alliance, on the other hand, now includes night elves and dwarves, for example.

Both the Horde and Alliance have to navigate the myths that exist surrounding the dragon Onyxia. Ultimately, for this reason, you will have to uncover secrets about the past. This gameplay will take place as you engage in a battle with the opposite team.

In September, World of Warcraft released a variety of new customizations for some of the characters in the Alliance. Timewalking also came back. The developers also removed the conduit energy feature in this update. It was part of the Shadowlands Covenant.

4. Path of Exile


Path of Exile is one of the most loved MMOs of all time. It gives the top-down, aerial view like seen in Lost Ark for gameplay. It also has a high-action, role-playing system in place. This feature lets you use keyboard commands to enhance your character's skills, just like in Lost Ark. This game is free-to-play too.

Path of Exile takes place in a land called Wraeclast. Here, you can customize your character using features like the passive skill tree. Focus on the specialties that exist within the class and race you choose. You can get adventurous with your build too.

In terms of combat, Path of Exile offers an exciting PvP system. The skills turn into items that you can use in a battle, improving your chances of winning. Some of these include fireballs, chains to your enemies, and projectile flames, for instance.

Path of Exile has an almost never-ending list of hotfixes where minor bugs receive repair. The last major update occurred at the end of October. It includes a new, optional boss fight, changes to perpetual motion and blurred form, and some updates to gems.

5. Diablo III


Lost Ark shares many similarities with the Diablo franchise. The two are most similar because of the fast-paced combat you will encounter. In each of these video games, you have the opportunity to fight multiple enemies at one time.

Diablo III focuses specifically on the storyline of good versus evil. It takes place in a world called Sanctuary and has a dark, gloomy feel. Collect runes to develop your skills so that you can have a more accurate attack. The skillset you grow into will also give you new effects and damage types.

Diablo III puts a focus on the non-playable characters too. You can hire a helper, for instance, who will be by your side in any battle. There are also artisans throughout Sanctuary who can craft your weapons and armor. You only have to provide them with the necessary materials.

Season 24 of Diablo III came out on July 23. With this release, the game will focus on the ethereal memories that the Nephalem will retrieve when considering Sanctuary's history. It provides a sense of honor to Diablo and Diablo II.