Cooking Simulator VR Arrives On PC

Experience the immersive VR enhancements of the hit simulation game, Cooking Simulator!

Cooking Simulator VR Arrives On PC

Now everyone can know what it feels like to be a chef thanks to the VR spin on the popular Cooking Simulator video game. The original game by Big Cheese Studio, released back in 2019, remains a fan-favorite for many, but Cooking Simulator VR version enhances the experience to a more personal and exciting level.

The Goal of the Game: Become an Awesome Chef

With a polished and realistic kitchen at your disposal, you will work to become a world-class chef. The kitchen is vast and filled with various cookware and ingredients so you can complete each meal.

Live out your chef dreams with Cooking Simulator VR.

If you want something more focused, you can opt to play the Career Mode and follow the mission guides. Otherwise, you can dive into Sandbox Mode.

While in Career Mode, you start out with basic skills. As you work to improve yourself, you unlock new skills and perks. Gaining more fame and recognition as a chef will also unlock more recipes, each of them increasing in difficulty level too. More customers will come along with more fame as well so that your restaurant can truly bloom.

However, if you want to stick to the Sandbox Mode, you are immediately given access to all the recipes and ingredients to create them. You are free to play as you wish in this mode, making it a great option for players who just want a laidback experience.

Play it Straight or Cause Chaos

Although Cooking Simulator VR is about becoming a chef, that doesn’t mean you have to be a good chef. In fact, you have the option to play it cool and follow the recipes to create masterful dishes or go off the books.

Follow the cookbook in Career Mode or go rogue in Sandbox Mode...

Going completely rogue is available in Sandbox Mode. You can run around the kitchen, juggling cans or bottles of oil. Be careful if you drop the bottles though as they will certainly shatter.

Or you can test out those insane knife skills, turning on the slow-mo and slicing veggies right in the air in an epically cool way. There’s something for everyone here, making it even more fun to dive in and play.

Hundreds of Ingredients and Plenty of Recipes

Things never get stale with Cooking Simulator VR as there are more than 80 recipes to learn and master. Also, the game provides you with more than 140 life-like ingredients too, creating a more realistic vibe while playing. You got your herbs and spices, oils, meats, fish, veggies, fruits, and more.

Real-Life Playstyle

Thanks to VR, you can feel like you’re in the kitchen without actually going to your kitchen. There are hand poses generated in real-time for whatever it is you decide to pick up and use. Besides the authentic physics, there are also incredibly advanced cooking mechanisms that make the game even more thrilling.

Balancing Fun with Realism

Cooking Simulator VR keeps everything that made the original game exciting with the bonus of realistic physics. This allows it to stand out among other cooking games, especially since you can choose how you want to play this with the Career Mode and Sandbox Mode.

If you’re looking for something that’s challenging and amusing, then Cooking Simulator VR is the game to try.