Curse of the Dead Gods Is the Spawn of Hades and Darkest Dungeon

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2020: The Year of the Roguelike

It's been a year full of twists, turns, and unexpected times in the video game industry. As a result, we've had some truly great experiences this year!

Hades and Darkest Dungeon

Released back in March 2020, Curse of the Dead Gods brings a fresh look at roguelike games by combining the dungeon crawling of 2020 GOTY Hades with the survival RPG aspects of Darkest Dungeon. Its bold art style and fast-paced combat prove a spiritual successor while offering its own unique charm.

Randomized Dungeon Crawling


Curse of the Dead Gods thrives on death, just like Hades. Dying is only the beginning of the story as you discover various chambers and paths in this mysterious temple. Survey the cursed rooms, discovering loot like weapons. Every run nets you new gear and goodies, as well as unlocks different and unique upgrades. While you lose your upgrades after every death like in Hades, you also keep collected weapons and other gear.

Dying is only the beginning...

Like Darkest Dungeon, you must manage your reactions to the horrors you face. Dark secrets lie in the depths of the temple. What will you uncover, and how will it shape your character? You also get a map, unlike in Hades, so there are more planning and plotting. Choose your path of greed and decide what you'll risk for greater rewards.

Spicy Action-Packed Combat


The temple's constant shifting makes your journey new every single time, but that doesn't mean you can't come prepared. Unlock various weapons to aid in combat, then upgrade them even further using items you discover during your delves. The price you pay for your greed is only countered by the vengeance of the spirits lurking deep within the temple.

The blend of action combat with skilled planning brings a flair to Curse of the Dead Gods...

Meanwhile, fighting enemies is a fast and furious flurry. There are countless different types and variations on those as well. The blend of action combat with skilled planning brings a flair to Curse of the Dead Gods that makes it stand out from both of its inspirations. While the combat certainly heats up and even looks like Hades, all hope is lost without some thoughtful plotting when you're safe back at camp before your next dive.

RogueLike Meets RPG


Curse of the Dead Gods brings order to chaos with its RPG aspects such as weapon collecting and maps. It embraces the gloom and doom of Darkest Dungeon, where delving too deep too fast comes at a hefty price. Balancing your greed with your power becomes a constant struggle. What is your life, and your progress inside the dark depths, worth?

...a match made in roguelike heaven.

Combine this puzzle-style exploration with the insanely fast combat inspired by Hades and you've got a match made in roguelike heaven. Combining different skills through different runs gives you an edge against enemies that might otherwise be too hot to handle. Check out different weapons, mix and match your skills, but prepare for lots of dodging, rolling, and active fighting.

If Hades or Darkest Dungeon slayed the gaming world for you, then Curse of the Dead Gods should absolutely be your next big timesink!