Evoland to Publish on Popular Consoles

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Evoland to Publish on Popular Consoles

Evoland is set to publish on popular consoles and it's about time. In 2013 an indie game named Evoland appeared. This Zelda like game gives retro gamers a refreshed nostalgic thrill into classic RPG gameplay. Created by Nicolas Cannasse and Sebastian Vidal at the well known 24th Ludum Dare a game jam like event with 3 days to complete a project.

Many consider attending a competition like this a right of passage for professional game developers.  Crunch events are a test of talents within a short period of time.

At this event, Evoland had won first place out of 1,400 participants. this catapulted the indie game  into over 300,000 players in only a couple months. This sharp return in popularity gave the game an almost AAA reputation. With a Metacritic score of 61 out of 100 this game represents its ability to hold its own ground on major consoles.

Metacritic Evoland Screenshot

Hard Work Pays Off

It's hard not to feel good vibes when you see a game developed in a game jam environment make it to the big leagues. It proves the possibility is there if the hard work and time are put in. Just as Nicolas Cannasse and Sebastian Vidal went from a two-person indie team at SHIRO Games to now an 18 person studio shows others can follow a similar path.

Nicolas Cannasse and Sebastian Vidal from Shiro Games creators of Evoland

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