Fully Immerse Yourself with the Xbox Stereo Headset

Pre-order your Xbox Stereo Headset today for a comfortable, powerful, and well-rounded audio experience.

Fully Immerse Yourself with the Xbox Stereo Headset

Rumoured to be one of the top gaming headsets of 2021 – the new Xbox Stereo Headset provides gamers with gear that’s flexible, comfortable, and best of all, designed to give a powerful and well-rounded audio experience.

Quality, Precise Sound

The Xbox Stereo Headset intends to give you clear and loud sounds whether you’re gaming, chatting, or watching a stream.

The obvious indicator of quality sound comes from the use of spatial sound. This is done through technologies such as Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic, and DTS Headphone: X.

Such technologies also provide you with more realistic sounds. Both mid and high frequencies are given better clarity as well. But more than that, you should notice strong bass from the headset. So, the sound is well-balanced overall.

Xbox Stereo Headset | Credit: Xbox

Comfort-Leaning Design

Everything about this sleek, all-black headset screams comfort, and for those longer gaming sessions, feeling at ease with your gear is essential to enjoying yourself. There are a few noteworthy features that show the care spent into creating a headset made to withstand long hours.

It has a universal-fit design with an adjustable headband so just about anyone can wear this. You can adapt it for a personalized fit, and the headband even features plush cushioning.

This aspect works to spread pressure more evenly throughout the top of your head, a thoughtful layout in the realm of other headsets with harder, awkward headbands.

This headset is also light in weight, leaving you with less pressure overall and reducing the chance of any fatigue.

Next up are the oversized earcups that easily cover your ears. They’re made with ultra-soft material that feels good against the skin.

Simple Layout

Not only is Xbox Stereo Headset made with comfort and clear sound quality in mind, but the gear is also made remarkably simple to use.

The earcups aren’t just substantial in size, but there are also large on-ear controls. This way, you can adjust the volume and even mute your mic in a flash.

Also, if you don’t need to use the mic, it’s thankfully flexible and adjustable as you can simply tuck it out of the way.

It isn’t even difficult to set up either. Since it’s wired, you merely plug it in and get going. It can connect directly to the Xbox Wireless Controller. Otherwise, you can connect it to other devices that have a 3.5mm audio jack.

Xbox Stereo Headset | Credit: Xbox

Crystal-Clear, Affordable Sound from the Xbox Stereo Headset

Although the Xbox Stereo Headset may not have all the features found in the wireless version, it does offer comparable sound quality and a comfortable design all within a more affordable price range.

This headset is just as cool to listen to a stream or watch videos as it is to hear realistic, bass-filled sounds from your games and good voice clarity when you’re chatting with friends.

Alongside that, its wired connection ensures that this remains battery-free, freeing you from the responsibility of replacing batteries or charging the headset up. This can even offer no latency issues either since you don’t rely on a Wi-Fi Bluetooth connection to stay synced up.

As it stands, this is a reliable, entry-level headset that can get you through short and long gaming sessions in style and comfort.

The new Xbox Stereo Headset is available September 21, 2021, so pre-order yours now for only $59.99 USD!