General Grievous Release Date -Arrives on Battlefront 2 Oct 30

General Grievous date on Battle Front 2 is Oct 30! Star Wars fanatics are excited for the upcoming release of General Grievous.

General Grievous Release Date -Arrives on Battlefront 2 Oct 30

General Grievous Release Date is Finally Here

General Grievous date on Battle Front 2 is Oct 30! Star Wars fanatics are excited for the upcoming release of General Grievous. Electronic Arts have been dishing out additional updates for the BattleFront universe making the game the best game for your buck. However, with this year's updates such as the Clone Wars, Solo and the DeathStar, there has yet been disappointment.

A Closer Look at General Grievous

General Grievous is a ruthless Commander that will do anything to destroy Jedi Knights in his path. Also, this ultimate droid Supreme Commander was taught the art of the lightsaber by Count Duku. Additionally, the evil droid led countless attacks against the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. However, his run-ins with Obi-Wan seemed to be his most challenging battles.

General Grievous in Battlefront 2 Features

Grevous towers above his opponents while armed with up to four lightsabers. Moreover, in Battle Front, he is armed with more than just weapons but signature moves that crush obstacle in his way.

Thrust Surge

Grevious thrust towards his opponent with four lightsabers. He takes his sabers and moves in stabbing motion ultimately throwing his opponents to the ground.

Unrelenting Advance

The evil droid has the ability to throw his sabers in front of him creating a protective wall. Almost next to nothing can break through the wall of spinning lightsabers. He uses this to advance forward bulldozing everything in his path.

Claw Rush

The Claw Rush move is what Grievous uses to escape quickly. The droid commander moves to all fours enabling him to move fast and push opponents out of his path.

Different Skins

General: Grievous generally appears as his Jedi Hunter appearance. Exactly how we are used to seeing him in the movies.

Warrior: The warrior look is battle damages and scarred by violent combat. Scars left behind from defeating battles with Obi-Wan.

Star Cards From Community Transmissions

Thanks to Electronic Arts for their detailed list of details players will see in the upcoming release of the Droid villain.

Name: Beating Heart
Effects: Increased Health Regeneration
Description: General Grievous has increased maximum health regeneration.

Name: Cyborg Rage
Effects: Health Regained
Description: Whenever General Grievous defeats an enemy trooper he regains 20 health. Whenever he defeats an enemy hero, he regains even more.

Name: Sith Trained
Effects: Increased Damage and Stamina Drain
Description: General Grievous deals extra damage with his lightsaber attacks but they drain more stamina.

Name: Jedi Killer
Effects: Increased Reach
Description: General Grievous can target enemies further when using Thrust Surge.

Name: Momentum
Effects: Increased Damage
Description: Thrust surge deals more damage to targets further than X meters.

Name: Cowardly Retreat
Effects: Damage Reduction
Description: General Grievous has more damage reduction while Claw Rush is active.

Name: Line up, Weaklings
Effects: Increased Damage
Description: After one enemy has been hit, Claw Rush deals more damage.

Name: Ceaseless Assault
Effects: Increased Active Time
Description: Unrelenting Advance can stay active for a longer period.

Name: Deadly Slashes
Effects: Increased Damage
Description: Unrelenting Advance deals more damage.

Voice Lines

There are a number of iconic voice lines that have been added for General Grievous, as well as some entirely new ones. A small selection of these are below:

“You are a bold one.”
“Your lightsabers will make a fine addition to my collection.”
“You must realise you are doomed.”
“I wield great power, Jedi fool.”
“The story of Obi-Wan Kenobi ends here!”
“Make peace with the Force now, for this is your final outing.”
“Your screams are like music to my audio receptors.”
“The Kaleesh are not known for their mercy.”
“This will be easier than Dathomir.”
“A general welcomes all challengers.”
“(laughing) This calls for a celebration!”
“Now! Devastation tactics!”
“Do not cling to me like a dianoga! Attack!”
“Temper temper! You know where anger leads...”
We recently went live with a Community Transmission dedicated to Hero Voices, you can catch up on that here.

Victory Poses

Lines of Death
Jedi Hunt
Consider Yourself Crushed


“You are a bold one”
“Crush them”
"Your screams are music to my audio-receptors."


Name: Out of my Way
Description: Hit 30 Enemies with the Claw Rush ability
Name: Make them Suffer
Description: Defeat 30 Enemies with the Unrelenting Advance Ability
Name: Another one to the Collection
Description: Defeat 30 Enemies with the Thrust surge Ability
Name: Experienced General Grievous
Description: Earn 122,721 score as General Grievous
Name: Veteran General Grievous
Description: Earn 389,809 score as General Grievous

An Evil Tale

The addition of General Grievous has been long awaited. With less than a week to go before evil unleashes its powers upon the Rebel Alliance, we have yet to get an actual view of his appearance. Finally, when the day comes lands,  post a picture in the comments below and tag us on social media so we can highlight your Grievous action shot.