HITMAN VR Heading to PC

HITMAN VR is coming to PC along with the entire World of Assassination trilogy!

HITMAN VR Heading to PC

If you're a fan of the popular stealth game series HITMAN you'll be excited to hear that you can now play its entire World of Assassination trilogy in heart-pounding virtual reality (VR). Through HITMAN 3 for PC, you now have the option to explore all three games in immersive VR. Never before have you been able to feel so in control of your character's actions as you take on the shadowy world of hired killing.

Becoming an Assassin

Since the debut of the series in 2000, the HITMAN games have been a consistent staple in the stealth gaming genre with eight releases and two spin-off games. In the games, you play as Agent 47, a hitman working for the fictional International Contract Agency. Agent 47 isn't just any contract killer though; he's a genetically-engineered clone created to be the most fearsome assassin in the world.

The main games in the series have, until now, been played in the third-person perspective and are set in semi-open world environments. Each game contains its own independent narrative, but several story arcs carry on across multiple games. The general gameplay, though, is consistent throughout the franchise.

As Agent 47, you're assigned specific targets to assassinate as you navigate different areas as stealthily as possible. You can achieve this through a variety of methods: assuming disguises, hiding among your surroundings, and using discrete or suppressed weaponry. The more you play, the more adept you'll become at sneaking up on your targets and using stealth to your advantage.

Now, you can use some of the most popular and high-quality VR equipment to interact much more closely with this shady world of intrigue. With HITMAN VR, when you're creeping up on an enemy, you truly feel the excitement and suspense of being in that moment.

Intuitive Controls

The new HITMAN VR for PC integrates immersive VR-specific setups that make gameplay feel intuitive and natural. For example, if you're looking to eliminate a target by throwing a knife, you would toss it using two hands; you'd use your left hand for aiming and make a "fling and release" motion with your right. Seeing your real-life actions translate directly to the in-game throw makes getting the kill feel far more satisfying.

The area where the new VR perhaps shines the brightest is the game's up-close combat. As intense as fighting feels in the third-person perspective, it can't quite compare to the first-hand experience of desperately brawling to the death. With the new VR-specific controls, it will feel like it's your own movements that are impacting the outcome of each fight as opposed to the programmed animations.

With HITMAN VR, you'll be satisfyingly rewarded when you throw a devastating punch, but when you make a mistake, the results won't sugarcoat it. The more you play, the more you'll develop a natural feel and smoothness to your motions, and the more skilled you'll become as a virtual assassin.

Enter the World of HITMAN VR

As of January 20th, 2022, HITMAN VR for PC is live with the beginning of HITMAN 3's Year 2. Technically, the VR gameplay is only available for HITMAN 3, but if you own HITMAN 1 and/or 2, you can import their locations into the game. As a result, you can play through the full World of Assassination trilogy using your VR equipment and controls. Most believe VR to be the future of gaming, so why not dive in now and experience the thrilling immersion?