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Indie Dev Subreddits for the Win

For those new to the indie dev scene, it can be hard to find the right community or at least know where to start. Reddit is the place to collaborate and finding the perfect indie dev subreddit can help with building a seamless product. These subreddits are a place for the industry to share gaming experiences, gameplay and reviews. However, it is also one of the best places to mingle with like-minded professionals, share ideas, or introduce finished projects.

Testing your project on Reddit can give devs valuable insight about their game in order to create a seamless product. In fact, many devs will meet peers that will give helpful tips on the next steps to take in order to successfully publish their game.


Listed below are a few forums on Reddit that have a good number of subscribers but also seem to have positive engagement. Mind you, each Indie dev Reddit has its own set of rules and each subscriber must follow them in order to not be banned by the moderators. It's easy to make friends but just as easy to burn bridges and in a competitive market that is the last thing you would want to do.

r/gamedevexpo :  1.7 subscribers - This community encourages subscribers to show off their work and receive feedback whether it is complete or not.

r/IndieDev : 16.4 k subscribers - This active community draws in a crowd of indie enthusiasts including gamers and professionals in the industry. A great place to network.

r/IndieGaming : 134k subscribers - This community discusses all things indie gaming. Talk, share, chat what interests you about indie games.

r/gamedev : 302 subscriber - This Reddit is professionally based and has one of the largest developer communities in the Reddit universe. Keep in mind, this is a professional forum and calls for a professional attitude. However, it is the definitive place to gather data and information about the industry. Post an article or just get feedback.

r/gameDevClassifieds : 34.6 k subscribers - This community is where development studios, indies, and hobbyists can find talent in the game industry. Post ads to help find your next gaming development A-Team.

r/INAT : 9.8 subscribers - The name is short for "I need a Team". This Reddit facilitates Artists and Programmers to come together to make awesome games, or anything else for the sake of fun.

All in the Family

The indie gaming scene is built off of an interconnected community of game creators, artists, and gamers. In fact, with the ability to work on a number of projects with people around the world, our community is closer than ever. We hope that this list helps connect you to a growing industry but also a culture within the gaming world. If you have a Reddit community and would like to add it to the list, email and let us know.

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