MADiSON Developer Highlight

Meet the founders of BLOODIOUS GAMES LLC, the developers of MADiSON, the psychological first-person horror game on its way to becoming an indie game sensation.

MADiSON Developer Highlight

Meet the Developers of MADiSON

Founded by Alexis Di Stefano and David Lovera, BLOODIOUS GAMES LLC is the incredibly talented team responsible for developing MADiSON, the psychological first-person horror game on its way to becoming an indie game sensation. We were lucky enough to catch up with them and see what it takes to build a horror masterpiece like this.

For those who are new to MADiSON what is the outline of the game and what can gamers expect when they first play the game?

You play as a young boy named Luca who has just turned 16 whose dad bought him an old instant camera for his birthday. Since then, the boy suffers from a constant struggle that ends up forcing him to commit unimaginable acts. It's through this camera that Luca allows a fearsome entity to access the world of the living. However, it won't be easy to revert that as this demon will do anything to stay.

Expect chills to the bones, we are not playing safe. One of our main goals is to make the game as terrifying as possible.

To achieve that, we also have been developing different systems which will allow us to show the players that they will not be alone in any moment. From 3D sound systems, to make players know where each noise is coming from to different house behaviors, which will notice the amount of dark activity and react in scary ways to it.

madison The Horror Game. image of a sealed off well

You mentioned that the concept for MADiSON was developed during your studies in game design. Tell us a little about your journey to get the game into production?

Yes, actually I started studying game design, art and programming here in Argentina because I always knew I wanted to create horror games since I played Clock Tower 2 in my childhood. In the last part of the course, I was able to fully develop an idea of my own, and that is how MADiSON started. Even though that project is not even comparable to the present one, the main ideas and mechanics were developed back then.

Before starting the development of the first prototype, I had been working almost three months. I had some ideas in mind, studying each one of them then deciding which one was the best option to go for.

madison the horror game. image of floating body parts

From the moment you start the game you become submerged in its haunting environment. The texture and realistic images feel as if they are going to reach out and grab you. What was it like bringing your visuals to life in the game?

Well, we truly believe the visuals are an important pillar in this type of game we are developing. Making players feel they are in a real house with a real threat is a goal we want to accomplish with MADiSON, that's why high quality visuals are a perfect way to go for it.

We want to make sure every little corner of the house has its own details and piece of story waiting each player to unveil them.

Constant work and dedication have its reward. ~ Alexis Di Stefano

What advice would you give to others wanting to follow a career in game development?

Just keep going, pursue your dreams and work hard. Nothing will come up from a day to another, but the constant work and dedication have its reward.

Where can our reader follow BLOODIOUS GAMES LLC and keep current with your work?

Feel free to chat with us or even follow our updates! Connect with us on Patreon, Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube,, Steam, or send us a line at

Special thanks to David Mackenzie-Kong and ABGames for giving us this opportunity!