Nintendo Indie World Showcase Features TABS, Mini Motorways, and More

From updates to new and upcoming releases, here are the stand-out games from Nintendo's Indie World Showcase 2022!

Nintendo Indie World Showcase Features TABS, Mini Motorways, and More

Epic Indie Hits Heading to the Switch

The latest Indie World showcased a collection of new Nintendo Switch titles in addition to updates on some fan favorite projects. If waiting for release dates is not your thing, you will be happy to know that several of the games featured were released on the eShop immediately after the broadcast.

Of all the games shown off during the livestream, there are three that stand out with some serious potential to become indie darlings. Here they are in no particular order.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS)

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator | Developer: Landfall Games

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, or TABS, brings the thrill of historical battles to the Nintendo Switch. The name of this game is a humorous and sarcastic nod to the rag doll physics employed by the runtime engine. You will participate in historical battles, but the characters are wobbly and animated. This leads to plenty of laughs and unexpected moments in each fight. Players can hop right into the action as either a Samurai, Caveman, or a Knight. You can also take some time to create your own goofy characters before charging into battle. With this title, the focus is to have fun while laughing at the absurdity on screen.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is coming this summer to the Nintendo eShop. Or you can check out the Steam and Xbox versions that released last year.

Mini Motorways

Min Motorways | Developer: Dinosaur Polo Club

Min Motorways is one of several titles to be released on the eShop today. This sequel to Mini Metro by Dinosaur Polo Club tasks the player with managing traffic in city environments. The addictive puzzler is sure to keep you engaged for hours as you plan the optimal layout for your town. As the game progresses, increasingly demanding traffic patterns and an array of upgrades will keep you engaged. Although this was originally a mobile title, the game offers enough depth to keep core gamers coming back for more.

Min Motorways  is available now on Nintendo Switch, iOS devices, and Windows.


Ooblets | Developer: Glumberland

Pokémon fans will surely get a kick out of this adventure that was inspired by the gargantuan franchise. In Ooblets, you raise and train the titular creatures as they level up. The game also features numerous life simulation elements that will remind you of Animal Crossing. The game primarily take place in Badge town, a central hub that you will build up throughout the course of the story. Expanding the town gives access to new mini-games, customization options, and jovial neighbors to interact with.

Ooblets will launch on the Nintendo eShop this summer. There are also versions already released on Xbox and PC.

The bright future ahead

Indie game lovers have a great deal to look forward to in 2022. In addition to the highlighted titles above, games such as Batora: Lost Haven, ElecHead, Wild Frost, Gunbrella, and Another Crab’s Treasure all look to bring something unique to the table.  On top of that, Nintendo will likely show off many more games during Summer Games Fest or their own Direct showcase near the rest of the announcements from across the gaming industry. Despite E3 2022 being canceled, there are still many exciting Nintendo announcements looming around the horizon.