Notorious Cookie Clicker Game Arrives on Steam

After 8 years in the making, Cookie Clicker has finally arrived on Steam and is more popular than ever!

Notorious Cookie Clicker Game Arrives on Steam

Cookie Clicker is all about, as you may guess, making and baking this delicious dessert option. Though the game came to fruition in 2013 for browsers, fans are excited about the popular new release for Steam.

It took over eight years for Orteil, DashNet, and publisher Playsaurus to complete their design of this version for PC play. It became available on September 1, including the rich soundtrack and many premium features, for $4.99.

Read on to learn more about the many improvements and excessive details available on Steam for one of the world's most popular simulation games.

How to Click Cookies

If you do not have experience playing Cookie Clicker, you may not understand the excitement behind this new release. To start this game, click once to make one cookie. After this first creation, every consecutive click will generate one additional cookie until you make hundreds at a time. Eventually, you will recruit grandmothers, farms, and factories to help you create this dessert for the masses. It is similar to an MMO in that you get to watch your numbers climb. For this reason, Cookie Clicker is an enjoyable game for anyone who decides to play.

Benefits and Features of the Steam Version

Even with the new Steam version, you can still play the free browser game. Since the development of the PC option took eight years, however, you can know that it contains many improved features. Check out the list below to see some of those improvements for yourself.

  • Over 500 Steam achievements
  • A dragon that you can pet
  • Additional minigames
  • Automatic saves in the cloud, preventing you from deleting your progress
  • Music made by C418, also found in Minecraft
  • Over 600 traditional and perma-upgrades
  • Access to mods through Steam Workshop
  • Ad-free gameplay

Future Plans for Cookie Clicker

Many gamers wonder if they will have access to Cookie Clicker on Mac, but the developers are still in the process of determining this. Android mobile users will likely receive an updated version of Cookie Clicker in 2022, but the creators have a much more difficult development process with IOS devices. They claim to be in the middle of working on things for Apple smartphones, however. The game developers also hope to implement a dungeon feature into Cookie Clicker. This detail will be in the next minigame that will be available.

Get to Baking!

It is now up to you to determine if the Steam version of Cookie Clicker is worth a purchase. Remember, it has valuable cloud-saving, over 600 upgrades, 500 achievements, a beautiful soundtrack, and a lack of advertisements. Yes, the free browser version is still available. With so many benefits available, however, playing on Steam may be worth it. Relinquish in the nostalgia of this simulation video game, and spend your time baking thousands of cookies for the characters in it. No matter where you play, you are sure to enjoy watching your numbers go up and collecting features like factories and farms to make more and more dessert.