Raft Goes 1.0 After 4 Years in Early Access

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Raft, the open-world survival game developed by Redbeet Interactive, has built up a massive fanbase and an excellent reputation during its four years in Early Access. For quite a while now, fans of the unique, oceanic-themed game have been anxiously anticipating its official release, and that time has finally come. As of June 20th, 2022, with the release of its final chapter, the full version of Raft 1.0 is officially available to gamers all over the globe. Of course, with that exciting news, there's one question on everybody's mind: Was it worth the wait? You better believe it.

What's Raft All About?

Raft | Credit: Redbeet Interactive

Raft's concept is pretty straightforward. Dropped on a small raft with virtually no tools or supplies, players must try to survive by playing solo or with friends. From there, the open-world survival game takes you on an epic oceanic adventure where you fight to survive by gathering resources, building equipment, and turning your trusty little raft into a makeshift floating home.

When the game first launched as an Early Access title in May 2018, players were immediately taken in by its dynamic setting, blending of genres, and engaging group gameplay. During your adventure, you'll explore the ocean depths, protect your raft from various threats, and turn your little floating base into an impressive fortress. And now, with the official release of Raft 1.0, there is tons of epic new content to enhance the gameplay experience and provide the game with even greater depth.

Brand-New Destinations, Rafters, and Enemies

Raft | Credit: Redbeet Interactive

Even if you've been playing the popular game religiously for the last four years, Raft 1.0 is going to feel, in many ways, like a brand new game. That's because with its full release, it has introduced a variety of new destinations to explore, Rafters to join you on your journey, and enemies to fend off.

The three new destinations are the most substantial update for Raft 1.0, and provide the game with some much needed variety. One of these  locations is Varuna Point, a collection of submerged towers that once housed an elite community. Temperance is another destination. An eerie, snow-covered research facility abunduned due to a reactor malfunction. As for the final new destination, you'll have to discover what it is on your own—it's being kept secret for now.

Raft | Credit: Redbeet Interactive

Raft 1.0 also brings several new rafters that can be unlocked and played. This update is a welcome addition, as the early access version had only two playable characters in Rouhi and Maya. The update even offers new clothing options for each character, giving players more customization options.

In Raft, the ocean is a perilous environment, and now that the game's final chapter has arrived, several fearsome new enemies come with it. For one, there are the quick, vicious little anglerfish, with their gruesome appearance and razor-sharp teeth. You'll also want to watch out for the new scuttlers; they're not  fast-moving or dangerous on their own, but when they back you into a corner and gang up on you, they can be pretty scary. Enemies in the game aren't limited to the water, though. Players will now encounter  massive polar bears and packs of angry hyenas, among other things. It's suffice to say that Raft 1.0 isn't just a peaceful on the open sea.

More New Content

Raft | Credit: Redbeet Interactive

The new content doesn't stop at the destinations, rafters, and enemies. In Raft 1.0, there are new items, gameplay mechanics, and Steam community assets for players to enjoy. Another noteworthy addition is Trading Posts, which can be found throughout the game and allow players to make purchases and trade unwanted items for valuable upgrades.

Time To Hop on Your Raft

Raft | Credit: Redbeet Interactive

Currently, you can join the Raft 1.0 fun for only $19.99 on Steam. You can play the PC game solo and forge your own oceanic journey, or you can link up with a friends and have a blast working together for survival. However you choose to play, you'll get hooked in no time, and now that the game is complete, you'll have many hours of open-world content to explore and enjoy.