Razer Mobile Gaming Finger Sleeves

Say goodbye to sweaty fingers and dirty screens with Razer's bizarre new Mobile Gaming Finger Sleeves.

Razer Mobile Gaming Finger Sleeves

Performance Gaming Finger Sleeves by Razer? Yes, Please!

Mobile gaming is getting serious. The popularity of battle royale games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Garena Free Fire are steadily increasing the mobile player base. Even Riot Games has joined in the mobile gaming trend with League of Legends: Wild Rift. The result: the gap between mobile gameplay and PC gameplay is getting smaller.

Gaming gear manufacturers are wise to the growing global demand for accessories that support mobile gaming. PC gaming manufacturer Razer has set its sights on being the lead in the market for mobile accessories. They have already released quite a few products in pursuit of this goal, like:

Razer has every accessory covered. Controllers, cases, and headphones are already available to enhance the experience of mobile gaming. Not all mobile games allow players to use a controller. This means that they’ll need to use the built-in touch controls. Hardcore mobile players are most likely already aware of the oil and dirt that can build on the screen. It causes accidental actions, irresponsive gameplay, and can even make it outright difficult to play games.

For that reason, mobile players often find themselves having to clean their mobile screens more frequently. Razer has decided that the best way to keep your screen clean and your game controls accurate with Razer's new Mobile Gaming Finger Sleeves. Priced at $9.99, Razer’s bizarre new finger sleeves are meant help keep your screen clean for long gaming sessions.

Glove-less Fingers

Razer's Mobile Gaming Finger Sleeves are made from a smooth, high-sensitivity non-slip fabric. They are made to be adjustable fits for both a player’s thumbs or index fingers depending on the grip the player utilizes for games. Like all of Razer's gaming products, the finger sleeves are adorned with the Razer name and emblem. At first sight, they are a strange thing to see. They are like quality gloves for your fingertips only which is a strange reversal from the finger-less gloves of the past.

The sleeves are made from a material mixture of 35% silver fiber fabric, 60% nylon, and 5% spandex. The color scheme of the design is silver fiber and black with neon green.

Surprisingly In-Demand

If you’re interested in ordering a pair of Razer's Mobile Gaming Finger Sleeves, you’ll have to sign up for the waiting list. The product has already sold out of stock and the website does not have a return date. As strange as the idea of finger sleeves for mobile may seem, mobile gamers appear to be completely on-board.

Currently, the Razer's Mobile Gaming Finger Sleeves can only be ordered through the Razer website. However, it does appear that similar products of lesser quality are available on Amazon. If you’re interested in gaming finger sleeves, I would suggest signing up for a notification from Razer. As the product is priced at $9.99, it wouldn’t hurt to try other brands out while you wait for Razer to replenish their stock.