Spin Into Action With Super Sami Roll

Inspired by classic '90s platformers, Super Sami Roll takes you on an epic 3D adventure through a colorful world - read on to jump—or roll—into this uplifting gem!

Spin Into Action With Super Sami Roll

Super Sami Roll is the exciting new 3D platformer you need to start playing right now. Created by Sonzai Games, the inspiration from classic ‘90s platformers is evident throughout this vibrant, colorful game.

Without further ado, let’s jump—or roll—into this uplifting gem!

Super Sami Roll – One Goal in Mind

The premise of Super Sami Roll is basic enough. Sami’s friend Ver has been taken by the villain Albert VII. So, Sami must rescue her, going through various trials to find her.

Players will use Sami to roll, jump, grapple, and even lick their way through several obstacle courses to reach the end goal.

You can uncover secrets such as unlocking a multiplayer mode.

At the end of each level, there is a large owl that will fly you off to the next level. But be aware of the timer. If it runs down, you will have to retry that course all over again.

There are several things Sami can do to get through the mazes, making it fun to learn the best way to jump or dodge around obstacles and bad guys that try to stop you.

Challenging Modes

Initially, the game and the controls are easy to learn even for someone who’s never played games like this before.

However, the levels will progressively get harder, giving you a more a challenging experience as time goes on. It’s a great way for the game to stay fresh level after level.

Unlockables and Secrets to Uncover

This game isn’t just about making your way through mazes, dodging small enemies, and collecting coins all before time runs out. Instead, there are hidden treasures along the way.

The characters and environments are lively and filled with color.

You can uncover secrets such as unlocking a multiplayer mode. It doesn’t take long to get to the multiplayer mode either.

Once there, you and friends can race small marbles through an obstacle course. It’s a fun little bonus to an already amusing video game.

A Beautifully Crafted World

One of the first things that stand out about Super Sami Roll is its overall look and vibe. The characters and environments are lively and filled with color. You can even customize Sami, styling him however you’d like.

There is tremendous variety among the levels too.

Sami can roll through a stunning ice-covered land, hop and lunge through lovely grassy fields, and even race through the course on a beautiful sandy beach.

There are dozens of levels to go through in an effort to save Sami’s friend. It never gets boring though thanks to how different they are all designed.

Intricate Balance of 2D and 3D Graphics

Yet another cool aspect about this video game is that it successfully uses 2D and 3D graphics.

This may seem confusing at first, but it is thrilling to see the work put behind the 2D pixel art for the cutscenes and for the world map that you can view.

For anyone who loved retro games, this is a pleasant throwback. It seamlessly works well with the usual 3D art found in the gameplay.

Cute Soundtrack and Effects

Besides the incredible graphics, this game features a heartening soundtrack that adds to the adorable and exciting feel.

There’s the pleasant *ping* sound each time you snatch up a coin. It’s gratifying, to say the least, and yet another throwback to vintage video games.

Super Sami Roll – A Fun Time for Everyone

There is not much to think about when playing Super Sami Roll. It’s straightforward at first with easy-to-learn controls, but there’s a nice surprise in how the difficulty increases the more you move on in the game.

This adds a much-needed sense of a challenge in an otherwise mindlessly fun game.

The graphics are remarkable as it successfully balances 2D and 3D artwork, allowing this to easily stand out among other games available right now.

Such an effortless blend is perfectly aided by the customization options for Sami that allow players to have even more control over the character.

Another high point is the fact that multiplayer mode isn’t unlocked yet. It makes players work to open up more in the game, creating an eagerness in players that makes us want to continue on.

We feel that Super Sami Roll is a game that everyone must check out the next time they need a new platforming PC game to play.