Steam Next Fest: October 2021 – 5 Most Hyped Game Demos

The event connects indie devs and players with demos of upcoming games. Here's our top five demos from Steam Next Fest: October 2021!

Steam Next Fest: October 2021 – 5 Most Hyped Game Demos

A Hot Annual Festival for the Indie Lover.

5 Awesome Demos You Have to Check Out

Steam Next Fest is a cool multi-day livestream event that connects players with developers. Players get to learn about and often play new indie games, speaking with creators directly. Meanwhile, developers get much-needed feedback from the audience they aim to attract. It’s a win-win.

There are many great games displayed at Steam Next Fest 2021, but there are always those demos that just instantly capture you, compelling you to sit at the edge of your seat waiting for the game’s full release.

Here are our five favorite must-play demos from Steam Next Fest 2021!

1. SpiderHeck

Developed & Published by: Neverjam & tinyBuild
Release Date: Coming Soon

Laser swords and spiders? Who would have thought such an absurd combination would work, yet SpiderHeck proves that it does perfectly.

A fast-paced brawler, this is filled to the brim with seemingly endless waves of enemies, chaotic battles, and entertaining reactions from the spiders.

It’s easy to anticipate the full game’s release as you can go at this solo or set up local co-op modes where you can fight alongside your friends or battle against them.

Your spider buddy makes use of grenades, rocket launchers, and, of course, epic laser swords to rip through and explode their enemies to win.

2. Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders

Developed & Published by: MeanAstronauts
Release Date: TBA

Jump into the shoes of a classic hero with Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders. It’s an incredible RPG that’s filled with action, adventure, and plenty of city-building elements to keep you engrossed in the open-world game.

This indie game allows you to freely explore the world as you help a budding refugee community grow into a thriving town. You even start small with just a little settlement in the forest, but throughout the game, expand into many villagers living in the area.

There’s plenty to do here from assigning tasks, developing roads and buildings, gathering (or stealing) resources, and eventually building these villagers up to kick off a revolution.

3. Peglin

Developed & Published by: Red Nexus Games Inc. & IndieArk
Release Date: Q1 2022 (Early Access)

Peglin can instantly take gamers back to those simpler times with its charming retro design and feel.

In this turn-based RPG, you play as the cute green peglin who is on a mission to conquer the fortress of the dragons who have long been stealing your gold.

Throughout the game, you get to collect orbs and relics, upgrading them to adapt to any boss and enemy in your way. There’s Pachinko-like gameplay, and if you die, that’s it for that run-through.

There’s something new each time you explore though so it all stays fresh, making players eager to jump in again.

4. Starship Troopers – Terran Command

Developed & Published by: The Artistocrats & Slitherine Ltd.
Release Date: March 31, 2022

Are you ready to do your part in protecting humanity against those smart bugs? Then Starship Troopers – Terran Command is the game for you.

This real-time strategy game is set in the universe of the cult classic film. There’s a full-fledged story campaign filled with cool characters, fun missions, and tactical gameplay.

You get to command your own Mobile Infantry, building up and developing them through abilities and strategy skills. Just know that the bugs aren’t just physically dangerous, but intellectually too as they can lay down ambushes and traps.

So, prepare your armies to the best of their abilities so you can take out these pesky bugs.

5. Hometopia

Developed & Published by: The Isn't Company
Release Date: January 2022

Sometimes you just want a laidback game that lets you flex your creativity skills, and Hometopia gives you just that.

Hometopia is a city builder simulation game that lets you design, build, or even renovate incredible homes. This features five neighborhoods to explore, each unique so that they stand out.

When building, you create things completely from scratch, foundation and all. Go through career mode or use sandbox mode to make the neighborhood of your dreams.

There’s no grid for more freedom on how you set things up, a seemingly endless amount of customization options, and the ability to build with others online.