Halloween or Bust - Top Indie Horror Games this Season

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Indie Horror Games-The Perfect Poison

Indie horror games can be the best value when it comes to hunting for a good scare. In fact, it's outright frightening at how many horror games are out there. We decided to narrow your choices down by creating a list of our favorite Indie Horror games to play this season.

Horror games can come in different forms such as slasher to psychological jumpscare. Listed below are 3 of our favorite indie horror games that

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor by tinyBuild is our top pick to play this season. This crazy neighbor who is teamed up with artificial intelligence will sneak up on ya when you least expect it. This survival horror stealth game learns from your past moves and adapts to the way you play.

Originally released in 2015 as an alpha game has acquired a mass cult following that includes merchandise such as clothing toys and more. tinyBuild has released supplementary games such as Hide and Seek and this months Halloween release Secret Neighbor. This game is for everyone but also gives the best scare for the buck.Find out more here.

Garage: Bad Trip

Garage: Bad Trip is a top view shoot 'em up video game by Zombie Dynamics. Uniquely, this game uses sound effects and visuals to bring an eerie feel to the game. Your character must shoot and hack through hordes of living dead monsters who just want to sink their teeth into your flesh.

This game is for fans of fast action gaming with an abundance of gore. Considered a gaming tribute to B class horror films of the early 1980's. Finally, if your a fan of nonstop blood guts and violence than this one definitely has your number.Find out more here.

Left Alone

This Game is a psychological horror that will leave your skin crawling for days. You are left alone to solve a mystery in the middle of nowhere by solving puzzles and riddles. However, the developer cleverly uses the effects of the game to manipulate players fear. Furthermore, the more you play the more your anxiety works against you.

We don't recommend playing this alone in the dark as it could leave you in a state of terrifying paralysis. Although, if you want to play with fear click here.

Deadly Thoughts

No matter how bloodthirsty you are there is a blood type for everyone. In fact, if you have a game we should add to the list or highlight on our site leave it in the comments below.Finally, enjoy these indie horror games and be sure to let the developers know what you think.

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