Walk on the Wild Side with Fall Guys, Season 5

Mediatonic has added new levels and epic jungle fun in Fal Guys Season 5!

Walk on the Wild Side with Fall Guys, Season 5

Just in time for summer, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout have released their epic Season 5 pack. This takes on a jungle theme that is just as bright and colorful as the rest of the levels in this fun 3D platformer.

Let’s rush on in and see just how well this season pack holds up to the rest.

Six Levels of Fun

With the Fall Guys, Season 5 pack comes six new levels to explore. There is a good mixture here of item-collecting and obstacle course races.

Here are the exciting new environments players get to compete in:

  • Bubble Trouble
  • Lily Leapers
  • Lost Temple
  • Pegwin Pool
  • Party-Stompin’
  • Ground-Treetop Tumble

Bubble Trouble

This hunt level has you scrambling to reach the bubbles that appear randomly around the map and jump into them before your competitors to snag that point. Pop enough bubbles to qualify.

You’ll encounter bouncy lily pads, swinging doors, and rotating floors. It’s a nice callback to the hoop-jumping levels from previous seasons, but it has a cool fresh vibe that makes it even more fun.

Lily Leapers

With Lily Leapers, you get a race to the finish line. There are dozens of lily pads to bounce off of to reach the finish line, and this is just the right amount of chaos that makes Fall Guys equal parts exciting and annoying.

Lost Temple

The Lost Temple level is a final round to reach the crown that has many familiar elements if you’re used to playing Fall Guys.

It has an incredibly vast maze that may thrill you as much as it upsets you, which is also standard for the final levels in this video game, making them that much more exciting to play.

Getting through the maze requires breaking through different doors, some real and some fake. There are also obstacles waiting behind each door that can slow you down if you’re not careful.

Pegwin Pool Party

This hunt mission has you chasing down penguins. Not only are these creatures running away from you, but there are various obstacles around as well as the other players that can knock one out of your hands.

Hold onto one for enough seconds to score points and qualify. It’s yet another fun take to keep similar levels new and exciting.

Stompin’ Ground

This is a cool take on survival levels. Not only do you have to stay inside the arena to qualify, but you must avoid the large, adorably scary robotic padded rhinos to win.

These rhinos will billow out steam, charge at you with surprising speed, and fling you up if you get too close to their heads.

Treetop Tumble

Another race level, Treetop Tumble has you navigate various obstacles to get to the finish line. There are lily pads, the mechanical rhinos, and silly frogs that will inflate to knock you back when you least expect it.

There are different ways to get through the course too, so even if you fall off, you still have a chance to qualify.

Fresh Skins, Outfits, and Rewards

Besides the levels, there are new seasonal rewards to fit the theme. Of course, many of these things need to be unlocked, so you’ll have to level up before you get to deck out your fall guy in all these cool new features.

Fall Guys, Season 5 – A Beautiful Jungle Adventure

For some incredible mindless fun, this newest season of Fall Guys is beyond worth trying out.

The art behind this alone makes it worthwhile. Everything is just as colorful as it usually is, but the artwork simply *pops*.

It’s refreshing with a sense of uniqueness with how the levels are designed and the elements within each one. There is clear care taken to successfully take the usual levels from the previous seasons and upgrade them enough to make them feel like you’re playing it all for the first time.

Also, the levels still balance the line of being fun and frustrating, which is what Fall Guys is all about.

So, if you haven’t picked up the game in a while, consider checking back in to see what all the fuss is about with the new jungle level.

Trust us; it’s worth it.