Wreckfest Is Now a 4k Destruction Derby

Wreckfest's Woodland Dash Tournament update brings 4K/60fps support, two new routes, a new reward car, and more!

Wreckfest Is Now a 4k Destruction Derby

If you have ever played the game Wreckfest, you know what it's like: Car racing and destruction. The game comes with a variety of modes, including racing, sole survivor, and more. However, modern games can no longer be released and put on the shelf, and Wreckfest has been smart enough to recognize this.

Now, a new update has expanded the game's features even further. Wreckfest is now a 4K Destruction Derby, and this update is fantastic news for players who already love the game's unique features and graphics, but want to see it do more.

4K Destruction Derby Time!

With their latest update, Wreckfest has added a ton of new features. Most prominent is a new Destruction Derby mode, allowing players to find new and unique ways of wrecking each other's cars and killing each other. However, that's not even close to the only updates to this game. Other examples include:

  • A new tournament: The Woodland Dash.
  • New routes and experiences for the popular Pinehills Raceway track. You can also play this raceway with the new Hammerhead RS car, a free car available to anyone who has the game.
  • XBox Series X support. The game has been updated to support the game, something that was needed since Wreckfest first came out for the XBox One. Thanks to the update, players who have the Series X can enjoy the game in 4k sharpness and at 60fps. This will obviously give players a whole new and positive experience for the game.
  • As always for game updates like this, developers have addressed a slew of bugs and crashes, giving players a smoother overall experience. According to the release notes, they also smoothed out numerous errors in the game, improving performance and ensuring that there would be fewer game crashes. Indeed, there are literally dozens of fixes, and it is difficult to imagine that any bugs survived the latest round of updates.
Credit: Bugbear

A Highly Reviewed Product

Many of these destruction-type games often rely on their concept - blowing things up - to carry the day. As such, they often let their gameplay and graphics atrophy, allowing the mere concept of destruction to do all of their work. Thankfully, Wreckfest does no such thing. It is a highly reviewed product, earning a variety of 8.5 and 9 out of 10 ratings with numerous gaming mediums and players.

Credit: Bugbear

Flexible Offerings

In a time of console-exclusivity, Wreckfest doesn't stick to just one format. You can grab this game on either the PC, Xbox, or PlayStation 4. The list price is $39.99, but you can find it for at least 50% off on a variety of of game stores.

Credit: Bugbear

With new updates still coming and a variety of new and exciting features, Wreckfest is a must-have for racing enthusiasts or people who want to...you know, blow up other cars. Despite the fact that the game is almost three years old, Wreckfest continues to evolve and develop new game modes for its extensive and highly engaged player base. Indeed, this game is a blast, combining first-rate graphics, addictive gameplay, and exceptionally enjoyable game modes to create a world-class product.

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