Granny - The Indie Horror Game That Took Everyone by Surprise

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Granny is the Horror Game that took everyone by surprise. Built completely in Unity, the game has an archaic look but consumes the player with dark suspense and thrill. Since its November 2018 launch, the game has acquired a strong cult following and has generated thousands of new fans.

Developer and producer Dennis Vukanovic is no stranger to suspense horror. His Slenderina series received equivalent recognition. Dennis is no newcomer to jump-scare horror and is always making a positive impact in the genre.

The objective behind Granny is to escape. She has you locked in her house and you need to find your way out without being heard. If you make a creak in the floor she will come running after you, however, you can hide under tables and behind objects to avoid being seen.

Overall, the gameplay in Granny takes some getting used to but once players become comfortable, it becomes easier to navigate around without being noticed. The music and cheap thrills go hand-in-hand and play off of each other which enhances the gameplay experience. We highly recommend testing your gaming skills with this one. Kudos to DVioper, A.K.A Dennis Vukanovic.

David Mackenzie-Kong

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