Halloween Themes Revealed

Gaming is spooktacular with this years installments of Halloween themes. Pokemon Go, COD Infinite Warfare Fortnite and more.

Halloween Themes Revealed

Halloween Themes are a Cutthroat Time of the Year

This weekend will be filled with tricks and treats of Halloween themes from our favorite games. Many of these additions are limited until the end of October. However, many games like Call of Duty made it a month-long event offering an extravaganza of Halloween loot every week. However, on the sad note, Fortnite seems to be lacking in the Halloween department. You be the judge and let us know your review of the best Halloween update in the comments below.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty introduces Willard Wyler's Halloween Scream. Once again the COD team make Halloween a literal blast with special features and weapons that are out of this world. In the theme, players get to choose from the limited time weekly drop of Halloween Loot. Every week is a new loot of weapons for players to create horror and gore.

PkmnMasterHolly Pokemon Go Halloween

Pokemon Go

This Halloween, Pokemon Go fans get double the treats with catches. Furthermore, keep an eye out for ghostly creatures such as Ghost-type Legendary Pokémon in the form of Giratina, a Ghost and Dragon-type and Mewtwo.

Badger Rainbow 6 Halloween Theme

Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six Holloween theme features three different missions that include Blowing up a nursery for the infection, rescuing a doctor who has information of Patient Zero and rooting out the source of the infection.

Litanah Fortnitemares 2018 event


Fortnite offers a fury of evil skins. Nothing too amazing but enough to keep up with the Halloween trend. The skins include the ghostly Skull Trooper  to Frankenstein like appearances. However, we hear that the game offers a lazy theme package without any real entertainment value. If you want entertainment value fans should think of moving over to COD Infinite Warfare.