Party Hard 2- Release Notes

Alex Nichiporchik released Party Hard 2 . Find out what fans can expect.

Party Hard 2- Release Notes

Party Hard 2 is Bigger and Better

Alex Nichiporchik released Party Hard 2, with the low down of what fans can expect from the game. Once again the cyberpunk game has had an upgrade with bigger and brighter visuals as well as gameplay.  Not to mention over 14 new levels that include co-op play and more.

Listed below is everything fans can find in the latest release of Party Hard 2

  • New 3D Voxel Engine: Improved visuals with the latest engine that includes a dynamic landing.

  • Crafting System: Craft and combine items for unexpected results.

  • New Characters: Four new characters from Panda Man, Purple alien thing, Box head lady and a normal looking guy.

  • Instakill: Take out multiple targets in one blow.

  • Party Vision: Use these goggles to find secret items hidden around each level.

  • Traps: Create inventive traps and set them off.

Party Hard 2 Short Conclusion

The game continues its top-down gameplay and hilarious antics. Furthermore, with the addition of alien invasion, fans can expect more than party, drugs and rock n roll. Check out Alex Nichiporchik's full release notes on imgur and for more from tinyBuild click here.

Party Hard 2