Lunime - Gacha Games Universe Expanded

The world of Lunime consists of a small group of artists responsible for building the popular Gacha Games Universe since 2015. Altogether, the 12 apps have succeeded twenty million downloads.

Lunime - Gacha Games Universe Expanded


Lunime Gacha Games at Your Fingertips

The world of Lunime consists of a  small group of artists responsible for building the popular Gacha Games Universe since 2015.  Altogether, the 12 apps have succeeded twenty million downloads.  In fact, Gacha Studio, is one of those twelve apps that has been installed 5 million times making it one of their top apps to date. However, the Lunime anime phenomenon is more than just games, they are also known for their online community amongst their fans.

Gacha Life Teaser - 200k Special!

Best Gacha Games and Features

The Gacha Universe is best known for their role-playing and adventure hybrid games.  The best Gacha games give fans a place to customize characters and design backdrops for their stories. After creating scenarios or performances players can then share their recordings with friends or other fans. Lunime's top five games include:

Gacha Studio

This app is the ultimate in Anime dress up. Choose from hundreds of Cosplay costumes and hairstyles. Additionally, personalize your anime character the way you prefer, this includes eye shades skin tone and more. Finally, create the backdrop and create stories to share with friends and family.

Gacha Life

This simulation game gives players a chance to live an alternate anime life. Dress your character the way you want your character. Your Cosplay closet comes fully loaded with dresses, costumes wigs, weapons and more.

Gacha World

This world simulates life in the Gacha World. Battle bosses and challenge other players to a fight. The further you get and the more you get to know other characters the more you become aware of the world falling apart. Play additional Farming quests to collect gems to use within the game.


Your goal is to save the expanding Gachaverse from corruption. Restore peace as a new Gacha summoner. This chapter continues where Gacha World left off. Discover hundreds of new units and features.

Pocket Chibi

Create and scene you can imagine with an endless inventory. Create conversations with text bubbles and strike up your favorite pose. Play dress up with one of the most extensive offline libraries all from your phone.

The Lunime Social Element

What makes Lunime so popular with its fans is that all their games contain a social element. Play share and connect with other fans and friends on one of the many social platforms. These platforms include the Lunime Forum found on the website to Reddit, Facebook, YouTube and more.

Build your Lunime World

With the help from Lunime, the world of anime and manga got a lot bigger. Best of all, everyone who plays is in total control of how their worlds come together. Additionally, Lunime tasks with connecting fans from all around the world and give social media a brighter outlook when sharing personal experience in the Gacha Universe. We definitely give Lunime two thumbs up with delivering a perfect anime experience.